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trained & mentored

Youth provided with life skills, job training, and mentorship



Youth connected to new job opportunities


income increased

On average, youth incomes increased

we track

The goal of Ujima is to improve the social and economic conditions of youth, enabling them to better support themselves and children under their care. The impact of Ujima's initiatives includes long-term outcomes such as attaining decent employment and increased income, demonstrating attitudinal change, and possessing relevant skills for the job market. It also involves youth becoming responsible citizens and participating members of society, and implementing successful market-relevant training through collaborations and partnerships.

Ujima tracks its impact and success in meeting these goals by establishing a baseline for each cohort of students during intake. Staff then conduct regular surveys against that baseline to measure growth and changes over time.

ujima voices and stories

Why We Love Them: "It’s a cost-effective program with strong employment linkages and ambition to scale across other regions in Western Kenya."

Segal family foundation

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