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Every year, through training, job exposure and mediation with employers, we help youth gain a positive outlook, realize their agency, and begin to develop financial independence so they can support themselves and any children in their care. We do not stop at training certificates. We work with and mentor our students until they find jobs, and follow them to their second month in employment.

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Ujima students are welcomed, supported, and prepared for their journey ahead. This includes a home assessment, addressing psychosocial needs, and equipping students with the attitude, outlook, and problem-solving skills required for their success.




Training is at the core of Ujima's programs and work. From life skills to professional experiences, Ujima delivers a well-rounded curriculum that provides students with a strong foundation in which to build a successful career and life. Students are trained in a range of areas including restaurant management, housekeeping, and hair and beauty. Revenue generated directly supports Ujima programs.

Maili Saba camp

A unique, luxury lodge and tourist destination, Maili Saba is also a practical training center where Ujima students gain real world experience in various hospitality roles including front of house, restaurant and kitchen, and housekeeping. 

information technology

CUjima equips students with ICT skills through its Digital Literacy Program, which is an immersive 12 week course that provides learners with hands-on computer knowledge and other technical that can be used in their professional and personal endeavors.

ujima restaurant

Located in Kisumu, Ujima restaurant is run by Ujima Graduates and offers a safe space where trainees can work, practice and strengthen their skills, learn from mistakes, and grow to be professional restaurant managers.

good citizenship

Good Citizenship ensure that Ujima students are maturing through informed decision-making, social conventions, and covers sexual and educates trainees on important reproductive health and rights related issues.

hair and beauty

In addition to hospitality training, Ujima developed a beauty program after youth participants voiced their interest in the sector. Accredited by the National Industrial Training Authority, the program allows Ujima students to gain various salon skills including barbering

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Through individual coaching, students are guided on how to apply their honed skills and secure new employment. This includes building a portfolio of experience, finding and approaching potential employers, applications, the interviewing process, and networking.




Mentorship is a cross-cutting activity that begins during orientation and is provided throughout an Ujima student's journey. Mentorship includes general guidance, defining goals, addressing psychosocial needs, and equipping students with the attitude, outlook, and problem-solving skills required to achieve success during and after the program.

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"At Ujima Foundation, when we provide employability training to youth, we are not just providing them with a livelihood, but also empowering them to sustainably support themselves and their communities for generations to come."

Alice atieno dambe - digital opportunity trust

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